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Astrology suffered a major purposeful derogation over the millennia, getting demoted from the “queen of all sciences” in Antiquity to superstitions, and proclaimed the “work of the Devil” in recent centuries.
Coincidentally, those who have had interest in ridiculing this ancient science were themselves intrinsically thirsty to control the masses, keep us unaware, disconnected and too busy with daily routine to ever ponder any deeper, more meaningful topics, or ever discover our true power and potential, and start living according to our soul calling, rather than just follow the herd….
...The time is now

Redefining purpose of astrology

At the turning of the Ages, Astrology must be recognised and reclaimed as much more than a science of the stars and motion of the planets, and the effect they exert on humans.

The highest purpose of astrology is to serve as a formula of liberation of these forces. It is a gateway to your SELF MASTERY.

Astrologer is a way shower to freedom and empowerment. 

Astrology is the key to the "matrix"

Hack the matrix and liberate yourself

What is astrology?

Why astrology works?

Astrology is usually defined as an ancient science of the living sky and its influence over natural cycles on Earth, nature and destiny of humans.

Officially, it is said to be around 7 000 years old, and originated in ancient Mesopotamia around 5 500 B.C. following illumination of Hermes Enmeduranki. 

However, there is evidence that “science of the stars” was in fact practised much earlier – Vedas, which gave foundation to Vedic astrology, are deemed to be 10 000 – 12 000 years old.

Moreover, every ancient culture shows signs of reverence to astrology. Artefacts and cave art left clues suggesting that star gazing was practiced much earlier than what the official narrative suggests, even before Vedas time. Why was it so important to our ancestors?

Astrology is a science of algorithms which decodes “incarnation blueprint” for this life – life purpose, calling, talents, resources, traumas, lessons, reasons for certain experiences in life, timing of events, relationship aspects, career, health and so much more…

The ancient texts (Hermetica) tell us openly that “God” designed a secret mechanism to control humans. 

“I will build the Zodiac — a secret mechanism in the stars, linked to unerring and inevitable fate. The lives of men, from birth to final destruction, shall be controlled by the hidden workings of this mechanism.”

Each person is born at a very particular, non-accidental moment – our date of birth and the exact time are a mathematical representation of certain energetic codes that have been assigned to us at the subconscious level, which determine our future experiences, predispositions and choices.

“Few can escape their fate or guard against the terrible influence of the Zodiac — for the stars are instruments of Destiny, which bring all things to pass in the world of men.

Astrology decodes all ways in which people are conditioned and controlled by the “matrix mechanism”, thus holding the key to our liberation, full potential and becoming our true selves.

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